POSITION AVAILABLE – Postdoctoral fellowship

The Human Spatial Cognition Lab at The University of Arizona Psychology Department is seeking a postdoctoral fellow to work with the PI, Arne Ekstrom, to develop research projects involving virtual reality and memory.  Projects include NIH, NSF, and departmentally sponsored research involving functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), scalp EEG, intracranial EEG, testing of patients with focal brain lesions, and/or healthy aging individuals. Postdocs with a background in memory, navigation, aging, neuroimaging, and/or EEG recording are strongly encouraged to apply.  The applicant should have a Ph.D. in neuroscience, psychology, cognitive science, or possibly bioengineering, with relevant past experience in a research lab.

The Human Spatial Cognition Lab works at the forefront of research on memory and navigation and has a 1800 square foot lab space available for testing and staff.  This includes a VR-navigation room, two omnidirectional treadmills, a separate room for behavioral testing, and staff office space.  Qualified applicants should email PI Dr. Arne Ekstrom, adekstrom@email.arizona.edu and direct any questions about the position to to him as well.

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