Landmarks v2.0-beta.1

The beta release for Landmarks v2.0 is available now. Landmarks is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0. Landmarks is compatible with Unity3d 2018.3.1f1 or later. 

    • NOTE: This initial release of version 2.0 is currently in beta. As of now, there is only support and documentation for a navigation task, although there is source code for several other tasks that will be optimized for Landmarks2.0 in the future. Landmarks is currently configured for Desktop or SteamVR, only.
    • For questions regarding Landmarks, or if you would like to contribute to Landmarks, please contact Mike Starrett (

See below for samples of what can be accomplished with Landmarks. More tasks and support for other VR interfaces to come in future releases. 

Landmarks v1.0

Designed in conjunction with BrickOvenGames, Landmarks 1.0 is a Unity package containing a collection of scripts and prefabs that facilitate the creation of ‘desktop’ virtual reality navigation and spatial memory experiments. Click the link, above, to download.

  • Questions on how to use landmarks? Please¬†email us. We have video tutorials available by request.
  • An updated version of Landmarks is currently in beta (see above) and features VR support and additional features that make landmarks easier than ever to use with little to no programming experience.